FreeIPA Web UI provides a browser for discovering application programming interface (API) since version FreeIPA 4.2. However, the API itself is not yet officially supported and there is no documentation on how to access it. Some time ago I wrote a blog post detailing on how to access the API from an external client, like curl utility. The blog post was quite popular and allowed to create bindings to FreeIPA API in Perl and other languages. However, the blog post assumed you know what you are doing. In order to help those starting from scratch, I wrote a larger article, FreeIPA management API a nutshell.

The article is available in a new documentation section so that it stays independent of the blog. I plan to extend the API documentation and add more details later. The document assumes you are using FreeIPA 4.4 or later which is available in upcoming Fedora 25 and RHEL 7.3 releases.